10 July 2012

Our beautiful (hoop)house

Construction on our hoophouse finally began last week after months of waiting, and was completed in a mere two days! Since we missed out on the season for greenhouse tomatoes, we're planting a cover crop now to enrich the soil before we plant greens upon greens upon greens for the winter months.

The whole cleared area during construction.
 Our greenhouse is built on a metal track, so it can roll from one end of our plot to the other. This way we can rotate crops and replenish the soil season to season.


long lane farm said...

For more info on hoophouses like ours, check out Yona's blog post about the hoophouses at Star Light Gardens in Durham, CT: http://palomaintheprarie.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/a-slam-dunk-in-the-hoop-houses/

Sophie said...

So glad this project two years in the coming has finally been realized! go long lane!!

Delphine said...

It's so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I pictured something so much more primitive and small. That is gorgeous! You will do great things with it.